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[Paid - Unreal Engine 4] VFX artist for vampire RPG game Kalyskah [Closed]

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Hello everyone!

We are indie developers working on the game Kalyskah, an open-world action RPG with erotic elements where you play as a vampire who has awakened after a long, long time of slumber. You can download your demo here if you want to know more.

We are hiring a freelancer to create some VFX for our game for these situations:

  • Bat's spinning around the main character (To cause some AoE damage);
  • Kalyskah turning into a swarm of bats and then the loop of this bat swarm;
  • A line that will create a flow of blood between two attachments (Kalyskah drinking blood from distance, those familiar with the Legacy of Kain series might have an idea about how it could look like);
  • An effect for when the male characters reach climax (and possibly with render targets to paint the character that is on the receiving end);
  • Kalyskah turning into mist;
  • An effect for vampire death, exploding into fiery sparkles in a spectacular way like Blade films used to have

You don't need to do every single particle of those, we are open to discussing some of the most niche ones to be done individually.

Thank you very much and if you are interested, you can reach us at [email protected] or, preferable, on discord: Corintio#6761since sometimes we might miss some emails.

We also have a discord server if you'd like to join and ping me (Corintio) there: https://discord.gg/qTx9Csv

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