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Baked Vertex Paint Issue

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What can be done to fix this...? I've just tried baking the Polypaint from my high poly to my low in Marmoset using Vertex, but the UV seams show up, both in Marmoset and especially once the maps are brought into Substance Painter. :-\ I've tried increasing the padding in Marmoset to Moderate and Extreme, but the issue remains. Is there any way to counter this? Thanks.


  • EarthQuake

    Thanks for the report. Please email [email protected] with a description of the problem and the .tbscene file and high and low poly mesh files and we will look into this further.

  • DustyShinigami
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    DustyShinigami polycounter lvl 3

    Hi. This problem has been resolved. Someone helped me via Discord. This was related to the other issue I posted about - where, despite deleting my previous bake files from their destination, it was still loading them up when I thought it had baked new ones. So it was applying my old bakes that didn't have any padding. Once I set a new location, set up padding, and baked again, the seams were gone. :) Although, whenever I previewed the material/base colours, the seams were still showing. In the end, I had to bake them out as PSD files, so I could still have my Normal maps baked at 16 bit, and then exported them out of Photoshop in 8 bit as a Targa file. The seams now no longer show up in SP or Unreal. :)

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