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[SpeedTree] Culling out branches/etc. closest to centre of plant

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tester1225 polycounter lvl 7

So I'm working on a flowering bush and I'm pleased with the flower setup, but I'm struggling to find a way of culling out the flowers from also growing in the centre of the bush. I have multiple trunks -> bifurcating branches, which split to branches with leaves and branches with flowers. The only way I think I could cull out the flowers from being in the middle of the bush (which doesn't make sense) is to create separate trunks for the middle of the bush, and the outside of the bush. I threw in some proxy meshes to better show the problem:

Would anyone have any better ideas for this? :) I know that push comes to shove you can just node delete, but I'd ideally like a randomizable bush. I've tried playing with the pruning section but no luck.


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