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Hi, My name is Jonathan and I'm a Game Designer. Here is a link to a short video montage of my previous projects. https://youtu.be/hEZMcNeFsKY

I'm currently in development of a Realistic Chemistry Crafting Game where the player will form particles by combining atoms in a 3D space. These particles can be picked up and launched at certain machinery to change their properties. For Example: The player will Craft Hydrogen and Oxygen, Bond them Together with a unique minigame, then pick up the water particle to short circuit a security system and unlock a door. For a full rundown of the project, here is a link to the GDD https://fantasy-nebula-682.notion.site/Carbon-12-2854bc9797f44f5d8b3f302963f46f30

The project already has a sound designer and requires a loyal 3D artist with strong communication skills. The Project will be completed in Unity 3D.

The game will be set in a laboratory with 7 Hexagonal Rooms, Small and Compact. The scenery reflects an Electric, Neon, Realistic and SCI-FI Setting.

You will have the responsibility to:

- Model the Atomic Gauntlet (Player 'Weapon')

- Design and Model Machinery in the lab (2 Main Assets and a few sub assets)

- Design and Model the infrastructure of the lab. (Walls, Ceiling, Doorframes etc.)

*You Do Not need any experience with Unity, I am happy to import the models and design the layout of the rooms with your assets and you will receive full credit for the work.

If you wish to be a part of this project, or you wish to find out more information please leave a comment or send me a DM. Thanks.


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