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I have a big career dilemma.

I've already made this topic, but it kinda disappeared when I tried to edit it.

Hello, hope you're having a sweet day/evening ,I have a few questions,

I'm a 21 y/o guy who loves art, I used to draw and sculpt a lot when I was younger and got back to it recently. My aim would be to work in entertainment but I'm conscious that it's hard to get a job in the industry, Especially for someone who lives in a developing country that he wishes to leave, like me, what I'm trying to say is that I feel insecure about learning art alone, although I'd work really hard to get my "dream job" Maybe it's worth it to try something that's more in demand. I'm thinking of graphic design although I don't know if the demand is still higher than a job in game art for example, and of course programmng, not because I love it, but because I see it as a useful tool as I want to make an indie game and a more secure job )

So,do you know if graphic design (print/marketing) is more in demand than illustration/concept art/ character 3D art ? my guess would be yes, but after reading that it's a highly saturated field I'm not sure.

As for programming, I'm not passionate about it or anything, I actually had to force myself in the beginning to sit and program( maybe that's because I was depressed) never been a math person either. But I see it as a good field to learn in order to get a secure job while I'm working on my art skills, and a good tool to supplement them, I'm just questioning this option since it requires a whole different skillset than art and also limits my time practicing art.

What would you do in my place ?


  • Zi0
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    https://www.youtube.com/c/siamakcgm/videos This guy escaped Iran to become a character artist so I would check some of his stuff on his channel.

  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J godlike master sticky

    Here's a few thoughts:

    1. I think who you are working with is more important than what you are doing.
    2. Every job just becomes work after some time. Every job has its ups and downs. How much you enjoy it day to day I think has more to do with your attitude than the work itself.
    3. Indie game development is not a secure job. I am not sure there is any work in entertainment industry that might be described as secure. Perhaps somebody can correct me on that. I think the most security you get is by being specialized in a field that won't be automated before you retire. And have ability to learn new skills happily is contingency for that likely problem.
    4. If you want to make indie games, you have to - perhaps above all - have strong decision-making skills.

    Making choices is much easier when your finances are in order so I'd focus on figuring out what your natural strengths are then work hard to become specialized at that so you can get a job. Once you know a few people and have some resume it will be easier to experiment more from there.

  • israeldoth

    I work as a designer and video editor in Brazil in a good company. It´s a good job. But I want to become a 3D artist because a love 3D world, animation. My problem is that I don't have enough time to study. It's only at night or weekends. It has been very dificult to handle this because all 3D stuff requires a lot of time and I study by myself. Anyway, I think it dependes every person. I have tried to study a little bit every day even I know Brazil is a little limited in this field. I guess we have to give a step at a time.

  • focus_method
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    3d art is ungrateful and highly cannibalistic field (as art in general) in terms of pursuing it as a career.

    The content you see on artstation is very cool and you get "eyegasms" all the time but that's it basically. Just something it's cool to see. The industry is so so small it's almost impossible to get a job + keep in mind there will always be talented artist then you are and they will get a job bcz you're basically competing with the internet (3d artists from all around the globe) and you all see those open job possitions. I'ts like you say now that you want to play in the NBA.

    The big problem here is your competition and that comes from the biggest problem here. And that is small and shitty industry. You have just a few studios on this planet and that's it.

    Who needs video games today ? basically kids, it's something meant to be cool not useful. Pursue something that is useful. I wouldn't even bother with 3d art for movies. Not to mention that.

    If you can do it as a hobby to fulfill yourself then its great.

    If you can do something else without suffering for 3d art, its better then pursuing 3d art career definitely.

    Try not to become slave of your passion.



    "Don't follow your passion but always bring it with you" ( this is a quote by Mike Rowe).

  • another caveman
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    another caveman greentooth

    So,do you know if graphic design (print/marketing) is more in demand than illustration/concept art/ character 3D art ? my guess would be yes, but after reading that it's a highly saturated field I'm not sure.

    I don't have the answer to that question.. I'd guess computer graphics is a much more specialized field than print.

    However: experience in print is valuable in computer graphics, to my eyes, and from my background: started in print and am now in games. I find myself recycling techniques/knowledge rather often.

    Best of luck!

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