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Hey all.

We are looking for a highly experienced renderer who is capable of rendering physical products for a board game Kickstarter. Please only people with experience and work that is similar to show, apply. We need the best quality, if you don't have the best quality, I won't respond as we get too many applicants usually.

To apply please

  • Provide images inside the chat of renders you have done of fantasy, hobby, board game products in the past
  • Check out pages like Rising Sun and Frosthaven Kickstarters to see if you can match that quality level or surpass it
  • Have initiative and creativity when it comes to compostion. We need someone who is able to actaully generate ideas and be part of the process. Not someone to just push buttons.
  • You have time to get it finished before new year and potentially ASAP.
  • Provide me a quote just for the entire game render. It can be a rough quote since I am not providing full details in this job posting in terms of components and such, but we have all of the assets already. It will be mainly composition and texture work you need to do. All of the product designs are done.
  • If we hire you and you crush it, we will ask you to do more work for the project coming up.

Thanks everyone. To all people who we are interested in working with, I will send more information to.

Many thanks.


Arcane Minis

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