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Can I use my rig created in 3dsmax with blender animation tools?

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Finnn greentooth

Hey Pcs,

I want to hire someone to do several animations for a character that I rigged in 3dsmax with bones+skin modifier.

The person I want to hire works in blender and states he could not use the rig from 3dsmax. Can anyone tell me if thats possible or not or if he just wants to do get paid to do the rig aswell x) From my understanding the bones are just basically transforms that are linked to parts of the mesh, so max to blender should be compatible?

Would be great if someone could tell me, otherwise I will just try it myself, but try taking shortcuts haha :]


  • Ruz
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    Ruz quad damage

    not a rigging expert, but maybe exsport as fbx and see how it goes. should be doable

  • rollin
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    rollin polycounter

    The bones / skeleton are just nodes with transform.

    A rig is a system which drives the bones in a more or less procedural way which makes it easy to animate the bones indirectly.

    A rig consists out of handles-like helper objects which are the actual things you animate and different drivers and helpers which then modify the bones.

    As a rig relies heavily on the systems a certain 3d package offers you very most likely have to recreate it from scratch .

  • Finnn
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    Finnn greentooth

    okay thanks. I will give it a shot nonetheless and try to use the rig in blender.

  • pior
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    pior grand marshal polycounter

    You might want to use accurate terms when dealing with someone you hire.

    • Indeed, he wont be able to use a Max rig inside blender. Because animation rigs are highly software-specific.

    • Thankfully, none of what you've done involves a "rig". You've merely skin weighted your character. This is not "rigging". Skin weighting is indeed universal and can be passed easily between all 3d software through FBX.

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