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Loading model for baking issue

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I'm trying to load 2 models (high/low poly) for baking in Marmoset toolbag. But when I load models using "quick loader" the baking groups are missing. This is leaving me unable to bake textures maps. The loaded models are not appearing in the viewport as well. My low poly model is triangulated. My high poly model is quad. Please help me someone. 

Marmoset toolbag v4.0


  • EarthQuake
    This generally means none of the imported meshes names match the naming conventions to be assigned to the low or high poly groups. Make sure you've named the meshes with the <name>_high and <name>_low convention in your 3D app before exporting. You can find more information in the quick loader section here: https://marmoset.co/posts/toolbag-baking-tutorial/

    Alternatively, you can import your mesh files, manually create bake groups, and drag the individual meshes to the appropriate sections.
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