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Joyd polycounter lvl 5
Hello guys!

I start a new project because I wanna learn Facial rig/Skin so nothing ambitious
but I'll try to share a full process of my workflow (with timelapses/gifs and wips)

I aim a Stylised PBR Render (and/or) a Cell Shading Render

Softs I'm planing to use on this project:
- Zbrush for Highpoly
- Blender for Retopo/Lowpoly
- Substance Painter for Baking/Texturing
- Blender for Rigging/Skinning
- Marmoset or Blender for Rendering

And my websites just below if you want to see more stuff smile !

- Artstation
- Twitter
- Twitch
- Youtube
- Instagram

(Keep in mind my Artstation is not updated, I've 4 finished projects to post later)
Here's my 1st wip!

And here you've a Timelapse:


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