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3D Character Artists to convert 2D Profile Pic Images

At Moonverse (https://moonverse.world/), we provide not only a Solana based NFT marketplace, but also a Solana based metaverse as well. We want to allow NFT holders to use their profile picture NFTs and turn them into 3D characters to interact, explore, and participate in our Moonverse metaverse.

As some of the NFTs that users hold are 2D based, we are looking to hire 3D character artists to help either with creating the standard template for the NFT collection, or to design individual attributes on top of the standard template. NFT holders can commission whichever artists they want to convert their 2D NFT into a 3D avatar.

Selected artists for the standard template will earn royalties whenever their template is used for the 3D conversions. All other selected artists will earn money through commissions by the NFT holders, and you and the NFT holder can negotiate on the price. Our company will take a 5-10% transaction fee which will be used for our creator DAO wallet and to develop our creator community.

Not only is it free to join, it gives you an extra way to earn SOL and enhances your artist reputation in the massively growing Solana NFT space. If you are interested, please fill out our Google form at https://forms.gle/HCriZikhuRQX21yB9 and if selected, we will notify you through the contact info you provided on the form. We are only selecting a handful of artists, so do sign up before we close the registration form soon!

Other key points: no rigging needed, .fbx model

Apply now - https://forms.gle/HCriZikhuRQX21yB9

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