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Weird artefacts on a smooth model (Substance Painter / Unity)

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rocketjump4d polycounter lvl 4
Hello guys,
I have strange artefacts on my model in Unity. I suppose it happened because of a normal map.
I changed export option from 8bit to 16bit (in SP), and turned off compression (in Unity).
Now it looks better, but still not as smooth as it should be.
Do you know any way how to fix it?

(In Unityt)

(Substance Painter)

(Export settings)

(Normal map setting in Unity)


  • Neox
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    Neox godlike master sticky
    looks like it was baked at 16 bit but is getting previewed at 8bit without dithering
  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d ngon master
    Changing the bit in substance painter from 8 to 16 doesn't help a whole lot if it wasn't BAKED at 16bit.

    Make sure the source stuff you are baking out and importing into painter is also 16bit. Export at 16bit png, or 8bit dithered tga like @Neox mentioned.
  • rocketjump4d
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    rocketjump4d polycounter lvl 4
    Thank for the help =)
    For the tests I excluded SP from my workflow and used normal map straight from Marmoset (use it for baking). I double checked all baking settings. That's the results:

    png 8 bit - Dither

    png 16 bit- Texture type: Normal

    psd 32 bit - Texture type: Normal

    psd 32 bit - Texture type: Default.. What?? And yep, it's the best result

    After this I tried use default texture type for 16 bit. The result wasn't so good

    16 bit - Texture type: Default

    It's a little weird. Imo 8 bit with dither looks even better than 16 bit.
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