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Looking for advice from anyone who has ever bought cg rocks

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Hello, I am in the process of creating content for the unreal marketplace and beyond. My project is to make a collection of realistic rocks built in Houdini. These rocks are for use in games and real time environments. So far I have 5 cliffs built. My goal is to add some mountain meshes and boulders as well as small foliage scatter rocks.

I am looking for information from customers who have bought asset packs (for any engine or software) before. If you can spare some time to answer any these questions I would be grateful:

1. What was your favourite asset pack that you ever bought? What did you like most about it?
2. Is customization of the assets important to you? If so what would you like to customize?
3. Are you looking for lots of features? Or would you rater have minimal options so as not to create clutter?
4. Have you ever worked for a game studio that bought packs like this? Is there common clean up that comes with asset packs?
5. As an artist, do you feel comfortable using purchased content in your portfolio? Or do you feel the need to build it all yourself?
6. Would you be excited to also have access to high poly and low poly files so you could remake the textures yourself?
7. UVs in this pack are all build by hand to avoid overlap so it plays well with baked lighting. Does this add lots of value or are you guys all using dynamic lighting anyways?
8. Would you watch tutorial content about how to make cliffs like this?

Here are some quick WIPs of the project so far, I've got a couple of world aligned sand and snow materials as well as a detail normal that blends instances up close. Software is Blender, Houdini, Rizom UV, Substance Painter/Designer

Any advice that you have would help me a lot, or if this just sparks discussion about asset packs in general that would be interesting as well.
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