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Game Asset: Axe

Hello, guys!
This is my first attempt trying to understand the game pipeline and lookdev in Unreal 5.
Unreal Engine is a powerful tool. I'm really surprised where you can get with a little bit of effort.
Concept by: Masha Kondrateva



  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter
    Hey, nice project :) 

    When looking up close, I think there are some aspects you could work on if you intend to use the asset for your portfolio:
    • Shield and talisman look less polished than axe (smooth shading like low poly without normal map)?
    • tweak metal material: darker, less roughness?
    • UV/low poly tweaks: Symmetrical parts can have mirrored UVs. Simpler, straightened UVs (cylindrical shapes unwrapped to strips and caps). Hard edges along UV seams to reduce gradients in normal map.
    • reduce wobbly and softness of hard surface parts
    Keep it up :+1:
  • felipepark01
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    felipepark01 polycounter lvl 5
    It makes me want to learn more about this process and the Unreal Engine too.

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