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[UE 4] Dynamic lighting artefacts? Can't find cause?

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So I have a scene that is dynamically lit, but the few static meshes that I have in the scene seem to have artefacts:

1. Tabletop seems to be just one block of shadow - the mesh normals are pointing in the right direction, UVs seem to be ok, making the material double sided had no effect. The assets are sitting under a thick layer of tree, so I moved them into a spot with clear lighting - still the same issue. 

^ this I suppose I can brute force with a fake light pointing at the table?

2. The chair receives black spots that only go away when I zoom in. Problem - I have a couple of shots that have the meshes in the midground, where the black spots look very unsightly. UVs and normal are clean, I've went into the textures and turned off mipmapping, no change that I could see. 

Not going to lie I'm rubbish at lighting and don't enjoy it lol Baking wasn't an option as I have a lot of live foliage. Followed a tutorial to set up your basic light source/skylight/fog lighting, just getting these nasty artefacts now that obviously weren't part of the tutorial LOL! Anyone have any pointers on how to fix this? Cheers :) 


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    tester1225 polycounter lvl 7
    UPDATE: So! After a lot, and a lot of digging think I solved the issues so thougth I'd share if anyone has anything similar.

    The black spots were in fact a normal map issue. I noticed the maps weren't your standard blue hue - it was sort of a mix of green and pink and purple? Anyway, it had something to do with substance painter - disabling the height layers to 0 opacity seemed to do the trick. I also had to flip one of the UV shells on the chair for the ugly block shading to go as well, so even though maya showed a flipped UV shell, which I thought wasn't a good thing, it sorted the issue in Unreal.

    The table issue was again, the weird height layer thing in painter. And again had to flip some UV shells so they were reversed. Also the legs of the table weren't lit correctly, and it had to do with me forgetting to convert instances to meshes, and then also had to freeze all translations. Have no idea why let's say a negative a scale on an axis would impact shading, but it did, somehow. 
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