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Library Panel resets after every update.

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fatihG_ polycounter lvl 13
So I just updated from 3 to 4. 

I noticed I need to download the assets separately after installing the application. 
Which is not a problem. 

The annoying thing is that every time an icon changes from the 'cloud', 'spinning cog' to no icon, the entire window seems to reset. 
Whatever selection I made is now undone and the window scrolls all the way back up. 

Shift clicking to select multiple things is fine, but obviously it is subpar when the window gets reset for every downloaded asset. 
Ctrl+A to select all the asset to download them all in one go is non existent. 

So far its not a good first impression for me. 
Makes me wonder if other panels/windows would have the same behavior somehow, resulting in a slow/laggy experience. 
(Already read that the app needs to cache certain things while working on stuff for the first time, so I am not worried about that.)

I realize all of this is a non issue if I would just exercise some patience... but.. yknow.. new toy.. wanna check it out right away =P
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