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Selling 3D assets on ArtStation

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radumitroi polycounter lvl 6
Hi guys!

So I've been selling some 3D game assets on other marketplaces, but I want to start uploading these assets on all 3D marketplaces, in order to cover more ground.
I looked over on ArtStation, since it's such a popular and nice website, but when I got into the Marketplace and looked at other people's 3D game assets, they're selling it for such lower prices, around $5 - $10. Is that the general rule of price over that website or what's the deal?
I've seen some cool packs with 50 3D assets in it and the author was selling it for just $6. That's extremely low if you ask me, I would've assumed that pack would've gone for around $200 - $250, at least.

I know there's an extended license option, where the price gets 4-5 times the price of the standard license, but the thought of giving people access to the assets for nothing (such as $6) doesn't seem right to me, and I don't want that, no matter what type of license it is.

So my question is, for those of you who know more about how ArtStation's marketplace works, are those prices something standard for this platform? And do you think that going out of this common price range will result in people ignoring my products just because they're more expensive than the usual stuff in there?
The thing is, I'm selling the same assets over on other marketplaces, and none of those products have a price below $25 - $30, and that for one single 3D asset, no packs or anything (those are going for hundreds of dollars). So it seems stupid selling the same assets on ArtStation for prices 10 times lower, because there will be no reason for people to buy it from the places where I'm selling them more expensive anymore, if they can get the same exact deal, but 10 times better for them, obviously.

Curious to hear your thoughts. Thank you!


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    PixelMasher veteran polycounter
    I am pretty sure there are no "rules" about prices, its whatever you want to set your prices at. Artstation is a really global marketplace so you have people from around the globe selling their work at different price levels. In general I do feel people tend to underprice their assets, especially tutorials and stuff like that . 

    however you have to consider different approaches to selling in volume vs higher price. A $6 will likely sell much easier and many more copies than some $100 pack. I know thats how JRO takes the approach, tons of lower priced packs/assets/tutorials and sell thousands of copies for each one. usually people will snag a few different items if they work well together or it feels like they are getting a good deal. 

    if you have a library of 20 different $5 asset packs and sell 10 copes of each per day, that's $1k a day in revenue, which there are definitely some people making that and much more. 

    alternately you could have a $100 tutorial/asset pack etc and try to sell 10 copies a day to make that same $1k. 

    I would say that second option would be much easier if you have cultivated a passionate audience that are super fans of your work and eager to buy whatever you put out to support you/get value from it. this takes a lot of work upfront usually by creating amazing free content for people to get to know you and become a fan of your personal brand. But once they are on board with what you are doing, selling higher ticket items to them is much easier. they are already "hot" leads, thanks to being a fan of whatever it is you are doing. 

    Selling products on a mass market place to people who have no idea who you are, the quality of the packs etc is harder and you have to rely on thousands of people seeing your packs a day and a few hoping its a good deal etc. its much "colder" traffic.

    In general its probably good to have a mixture of high ticket and lower ticket items, that way you can eventually expand to using paid advertising to scale. Its hard to do paid ads when you are only selling $5 items if it costs you 10-15 bucks in ads to get a conversion, however if you are selling a $100+ course and for every $30-50 in ads you get a sale, you can tweak and scale that much easier. 

    another thing, you can use very low priced or even free assets that people have to give you their email or in artstations case become a follower that can recive notifications when you launch new products, this is basically digital marketing 101 and lots of people use gumroad to build a massive email list to re-market to later on. 

    long story short, people tend to underprice themselves, but you can probably succeed on lower price/more sales volume or higher price/lower sales volume once you try something out and figure out what works for you. 
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