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What schools are best for Character Designer/Concept artists

Hello everyone,
I'm currently studying Game Art at the Gobelins in France, and i wanted some help finding fitting schools for the career I'm aiming for

As a bit of context, I don't really like working on 3D (i can but i dislike 3D modelling), so I'm mainly interested in the 2D aspect of game art like Character Design / Concept art, and specifically Pixel art.
So I'm looking for a Master's degree (or something similar) in the field that focuses (or at least has) this sort of stuff, or something to make myself better at regular drawing like anatomy/perspective...
I've looking for schools for a while, most schools either don't have masters (or similar), are mainly focused on 3D or don't have game art courses.
The course I'm almost finished with at the Gobelins was like 90% 3D so i don't wanna start a course that ends up being the same, i want to strengthen my abilities in character design/concept art, being able to really find my style.

Only courses i found fitting what I'm looking for are schools like ISART, RUBIKA, Syn studio and Academy of art university.
So i wanted to know what type of courses i should look for, or what schools are best for what i want to do (Seems like pixel art isn't thaught anywhere so it's mostly stuff linked to character design/concept art)

Thanks to anyone who reads this

TLDR : Looking for schools that teach Character design / Concept art
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