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[wip] lil'Monster (feedback appreciated)

As i was wandering on the internet looking for some tips and advice to improve the character i'm working on i ended up there and i decided to join the community in the hope to get my work to the next level.

This character is part of a family of monster planned to be used in a game, i'm currently stuck on the texturing, it feel like something is missing but i can't point out what. Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.


  • Fabi_G
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    Hi :)
    Regarding the texturing, I would take a look at the  Dota 2 Character Art Guide (if you haven't already), also look at hand painted characters (try "yeti" on sketchfab?) to see how other people solve specific problems.

    You can give the fur more definition by adding some gradients and highlight along the strands.
    To make the head more readable, try to get some more material separation (skin, fur, horns, eyes).

    Actually, the fur geometry itself could use some improvement: Bit too blobby, some inconsistency in size/shape and growth direction. You could do an overpaint from different angles to concept it before modifying the geometry.

    Finally, for the shading you can use a shader allowing for subsurface scattering (or faking it), so the fur looks less solid. Probably the project you are working for already has some rules regarding this. Generally, I recommend to test the asset in engine with the actual game camera, to see if it works and to spot problems early.

    Much success :+1:
  • roRoah
    Thanks for the advise, much appreciated. I'll try to add what you said into the character in the extend of my ability ofc :)

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