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[Paid] 2D Portrait and Icon artists wanted

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I'm an indie game developer working on a sequel to a space-themed ARPG. I'm looking for one or more 2D artists who can create assets in a few different categories:
  • Alien character portraits: Color, high-resolution (1024px). These are "hero" images that are seen in high resolution.
  • Small crew portraits. These are low-resolution images (< 128px) associated with procedurally generated spaceship crew. Quantity over quality, portraits that can be procedurally modified would be ideal, but a large number of static images would also work.
  • Tech & skill icons, color, low-resolution. Several dozen.
  • Marketing concept art. Capsule & promotional images that capture the theme of a game.
If you're interested in creating any of the above, email me at [email protected] with the following:
  • Which assets you could create.
  • Your rate, either hourly or per asset. If hourly, include a ballpark estimate for what it would take to create an asset.
  • A link to your portfolio.
  • Include "[SF game artist]" in the subject.
I apologize in advance that I may not be able to respond individually to all candidates.

Thanks for reading!

- Kevin
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