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Unreal Engine 5 - The Bouncer

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More videos presentation on my Artstation - md_ridhwanborha artstation - ArtStation - Unreal Engine 5 - The Bouncer, MD Ridhwan Borha
I would like to credit these 2 awesome artists whose artworks gave me inspiration to final designed the character, The Bouncer.
The artists are:
1) Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dbqJJ
2) Iltaek Oh - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L3e8Ww
I worked on the:
1) Research and Rough Concept - (Duration - App. 2 days)
2) Proxy Mesh - (Duration - App. 8 days)
3) Highpoly - (Duration - App. 2 months)
4) Lowpoly - (Duration - App. 25 days)
5) Unwrap and baking - (Duration - App. 3 days)
6) Texturing - (Duration - App. 14 days)
7) Rigging and Skin Weight - (Duration - App. 9 days)
8) Simple Animation Idle - (Duration - App. 9 days)
9) Unreal Engine Setup including level design, level setup, materials, lighting, VFX, camera setup and more - (Duration - App. 10 days)
PS: The duration is including technical difficulties and issues that I need to resolve along the way - mostly on the engine setup side - such as niagara VFX bounding issue, the best manual CVAR render setting for Lumen, Re-render some of the scenes again due to unsatisfactory color grade result which I need to keep adjusting the lightings and LUT, and many more changes and fixes
Extra things I worked on:
1) Simple environment made in 3Ds Max and exported into Unreal Engine 5 using Datasmith - Main statue and side statues are from the Quixel Megascan Library and most of the materials for the environment are mostly from the Quixel Library too
2) Niagara FX in Unreal Engine 5 - Smoke FX
3) NPC characters model and animation are from Mixamo and imported into UE5
Initially, The Bouncer was created for static character mesh. However, while I was sculpting the character highpoly, I decided to make this character into a proper realtime model character. The rig and animation was also not planned in the beginning. Since I already created a proper realtime model character, might as well do a proper rig so that I can animate the character in different poses. Character mesh is created using Zbrush and 3Ds Max.
The weapon I decided to use Blender because at that time I was studying Blender. Then the character hair cards, I used Blender with a combination of Blender Default Hair Particle, Blender Hair TG plugin and Blender Hair Tool plugin.
Clothes and pouches are initially made in Zbrush as base mesh. Then I separated them into pieces with polygroup and imported into Marvelous Designer to further finalize the model. I created collision mesh either in 3D software or Zbrush to maintain the volume and shape of the clothes and pouches. I hope I can find time to share my pipeline because this will save a lot of time to create clothes and pouches rather than created the clothes pieces from scratch in Marvelous Designer.
Textured with Substance Designer and Painter.
Rig with 3Ds Max CAT rig system. Simple Idle animation in 3Ds Max.
I created a smoke FX using UE5 niagara FX. Just for fun and curiosity.
Then UE5 enviroment post process volume and play around with the color grading by adjusting the LUT in Photoshop and load the LUT in the post process volume.
UE5 cinematic sequencers and then movie render queue.
I learn a lot with this Bouncer Project and I will continue learning new things in the future. Thank you to 'Unreal Slacker' discord to provide some technical answers to my project.
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