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Unreal Engine No Roughness on Opacity Map

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Bulldog3dz polycounter lvl 7
I've created this glass material in Substance Painter and have exported the textures using the "Unreal Engine 4 (Packed)" setting. 

Everything looks good Substance Painter and the UE4 Material view. The material has opacity and roughness values.

However, when you view the material in engine. The opacity is working correctly, but the Roughness values aren't showing at all. It doesn't see the Roughness values at all. 

I've attached some screenshots of my Substance Painter/UE4 Material Set Up/UE4 Viewport. 

Few questions/thoughts...

1. Why is the Roughness not appearing correctly in UE4?
2. Can Roughness and Opacity not be used at the same time on a material?
3. Could this be an issue with something like the reflection probes/lighting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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