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[WIP] Any Advice on Creating a Game-ready Character in Approx. 1 month?

Current sculpt of a human character (realism). I've got just over 1 month to make this game-ready with textures plus I have other assignments. Is this feasible? I've been working on getting the muscle anatomy just right but this character will be covered in clothes so I worry I may be wasting precious time. I also made this after about 12 hours. Something I struggle with is knowing when to move on so any advice on this would be supremely appreciated...


  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master
    Not bad for a first try. Pretty low quality for a game character though. Making an interesting and expressive figure isn't something you do on a weekend in between other stuff.

    The figure above looks like it was sculpted at too high a resolution too early. That is how you get the wobbly plasticine look. I reckon you should take a look at good 3D reference and follow a load of anatomy and sculpting vids. You could use Daz3D (it's free) as a reference. Notice the posture and the musculature pictured below. Also start on generic figures first and get that down before you attempt to make aged or infirmed characters. Its better for your development.

  • hwaminjung
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    hwaminjung triangle
    I think making a game ready character in a month is very doable. Please don't take this the wrong way, but judging by the sculpt, it looks like you are not fully skilled yet to tackle a whole character. I suggest making a really simple asset, but bring it all the way through the pipeline.
    It could be something like a prop, maybe a sword or a tool, or if you really want to focus only on characters, doing part of the body could be beneficial.
    I definitely agree with Kanga, try to go from low to high. This makes you focus on the big shapes, and not worry about little details that don't really matter in the end.
    I actually always force myself to start at the lowest resolution of Dynamesh when I start a sculpt. I also don't use any basemesh to start with, just so I can get the extra practice in. Hopefully, all this will help you improve.
  • Lether
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    Lether polycounter lvl 8
    If you work is an assignement for a course you are following, then just do what you can to respect the deadline.
    But as said by Hwamingjun and kanga you should take your time if you have it.
    The BIG advice would probably be : go to low to high detail. You certainly learn a lot by doing this way. You'll learn the major volumes and step by step you'll discover the complexity of the other shapes and how they work together.
  • Temppe
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    Temppe polycounter lvl 11
    You're going to hear this again and again - for good reason: forget about the details until you nail the big forms, the gesture and the proportions. I would suggest that you don't even think about individual muscles. I think you should use deformed spheres with clip brush to block out the large forms (keep them separate, it's MUCH easier to control that way). Think pelvis, ribcage, cranium, buttocks, belly, shoulders, neck, upper leg, lower leg, upper arm, lower arm, hands, feet. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement of these elements (that is to say, the proportions and gesture) you can add more deformed spheres and massage them into shape, then dynamesh and keep going more detailed.

    But look, you have to do this a LOT before it starts to look good, and I think your goal is too ambitious for your skills at the moment. 
    Hwaminjung sugggested doing a part of the body and I would say the same thing. If you did a bust it would turn out better then if you attempted a full character.

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