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Arnold aiNormalMap node doesn't appear in graph editor after creation / connection

I've set up a simple script to create an arnold standard surface shader and connect a few nodes for selected objects.  Creating file nodes and connecting them seems to work fine for me. However when I try to create an aiNormalMap node and connect it, it won't appear in the graph..only in the attribute editor for the material.

here's the code snippet.. ($rnMat is my aiStandardSurface)
string $normalMapNode = `createNode aiNormalMap`;
connectAttr ($normalMapNode + ".outValue " + $rnMat + ".normalCamera");
This will create a node called aiNormalMap1.. then won't connect. It also won't show up in the graph editor. However when I execute that, then the following code, it works..But it still doesn't appear in the graph editor ( ?!?! ) 
connectAttr -f aiNormalMap1.outValue aiStandardSurface1.normalCamera;</code><code>
As far as I can see these are the same thing, am I missing something?

The weirdest part about this is that when I look in the Bump Mapping attribute in the aiStandardSurface, it shows the connection to NormalMap1 and I can then go to that node..however it looks like there's nothing connected to normalCamera in the graph.

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