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3D Character Artist for Legion TD 2 (played by 220,000 players on Steam)

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Hey there, I'm Jean Go, aka Curing!

AutoAttack Games is an independent game studio founded in 2014, developer of Legion TD 2. Legion TD 2 is a 2v2 and 4v4 competitive tower defense for PC that just fully launched on 10/1.


- We are looking for a versatile 3D character artist who can make the model and hand-painted style texture map for our characters, whose archetype ranges from mech, monsters to humanoids. You will be provided with concept art turn-around sheet and communicate with me along the way to complete the task.
- Our game is a tower defense game which goes up to 8 players, and have hundreds of units in battle at times. This is why we do our best to keep the polycount low while keeping a unique silhouette, and try to express the details made via texture than polygons. (We can afford more polycount for higher tier units like T5-T6 since you only get a few of them each, but the rule of the thumb is to keep the numbers low as possible)
- For now, this would be a contracted position, but there is potential for full-time work in the future.

Examples of concept art provided for the outsource character artists in the past

Website link to the hundreds of units made for Legion TD 2

Official Website:&nbsp;<a href="" title="Link: null">https://beta.legiontd2.com/legions/</a>

Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/autoattackgames/models
(Please refer to more recent uploads as some of these models are outdated and no longer our standard for quality)


- Ability to put your work on your portfolio within ~2 weeks of completion
- Have your work be enjoyed by 100,000+ players from all over the world
- Work directly with and get feedback from former League of Legends devs
- Work on a wide range of characters, from a small cute animal to a badass sci-fi tank
- Interact with players/fans of a live, online game through social media, Discord, forums (if you want to)


- Working directly with me (Jean Go) to execute the art vision for the game
- Coming up with a good design direction, communicating the vision to me, and then executing the design into the final product


- Proficient in 3D character art (ability to transfer concept art to 3D space etc)
- Proficient in hand-painted 3D model texture style (value contrast, color temperature control, material painting etc)
- Previous experience working on 3D game characters
- You're a good person and nice to work with
- Professional working proficiency in English
- Good communication skills

Bonus Points

- Familiarity with Unity
- Played Legion TD 2, Legion TD, Squadron TD, or an autobattler (TFT, Auto Chess, Dota Underlords)
- Identify as a gamer

Apply by submitting below to jobs@autoattack.net

1) An introduction
2) A portfolio of your work
3) Your rates per character model & texture (there will be a mix of lower and higher tiers of complexity of the character. We can have different rates for each or have a general cost which covers the spectrum of complexity, depending on the artist's preference)

Thanks for your time. Look forward to meeting you! 

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