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Blood Berry Remake - No More Heroes Fanart [DONE]

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edit: Just finished this one up! Thread is pretty small since I didn't really document much of anything in the early stages.

here's a link to the artstation page (x) 

Thanks for checking it out!

Hey there everyone,

 I've been slowly picking away at this take on the Blood Berry beam saber from No More Heroes, and I think I'm just about finished with it, but I wanted to put some feelers out there first. I plan on going in and painting in some more roughness variation, making the decals look more worn (like the one being covered up on the back), etc. I was initially going to make the beam in UE to learn a little bit about Niagara, but my thinking now is that I'll be pushing out this project even further, when I should wrap it up and move onto something new. I should be tossing it into UE for final renders, but here's some iray stuff out of substance. Gonna drop a link to the artstation page as well.




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