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[PAID] Looking for 3D artist for ttrpg illustration

Hi, all -

My name is Jesse. I'm writing an indie tabletop roleplaying game and I'm looking to hire someone to create an illustration for the book.

I'm not exactly sure what kind of artist I'm looking for, though. A materials artist? A 3D artist who deals with realistic/detailed textures?

I want to commission someone to create an image that looks like the logo for my game has been stamped into metal. That debossed metal logo has aged and rusted and there is a little bit of mud inside the letters, as if it's in a piece of exterior metal flooring that has seen lots of foot traffic. There's been a recent snow, but much of the snow has been brushed away to reveal the logo.

I'd like that to look as realistic as possible. Is this something someone can tackle? Please get in touch and let me know your rate.


- Jesse
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