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Looking for other Blender Users to make series of tutorials

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Hello! I am looking for intermediate or advanced Blender users to help with the creation of a series of tutorials for the program. Lately, I have noticed there are not a lot of tutorials being created for Blender that beginners can effectively use. Also, there are not a lot of tutorials that are written specifically for intermediate and advanced users.

By doing this series of tutorials I hope that we can fill a void and bring users from other programs and  other 3D communities to the Blender Community.

At first I want to create a series of tutorials that will bridge the learning gap that currently exists for people and 3D artists wanting to learn Blender at all levels.

Please feel free to DM me here on PolyCount.com or contact me by email: derek.hartnett [at] gmail.com

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!
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