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[ Paid ] Looking for Environment Artists

[ Intro ]

We are a small, mostly freelance team of artists, working on a 2.5d hack and slash platforming game. We are currently working on a small demo, proof of concept of our project, before fully announcing our project.

We currently are recruiting an environment artist with experience working in unreal engine. Ability to create the assets would be a plus, but is not required, we can hire an additional person for this.

[ Art style ]

The art style will be semi realistic 3d cell shading, and the game and 3d assets will be locked on a sidescroller / 2d axis. 
Think Ori and the Blind Forest, with the graphic style slightly pushed towards a more Genshin Impact / Tales of Arise type of shading.

The theme is dark, fantasy horror.

[ Requirements ]

This job will include: 
- Planning asset placement
- Environment movement
- Environment lighting
- Shaders
- Small physics based movements (Grass, vines)

- Ability to create the assets
- Ability to texture the assets
- Ability to fully realize some extremely simple puzzles 

[ Payment ]

Payment will be over Paypal or Crypto, partially up front, and part after delivery. There is an option to discuss a higher price for after we announced the project.

[ Contact ]

Email: Contact@aiyaproject.com
Discord: AiyaProject#8935

Please make sure to include the reason for contacting, and a relevant portfolio when contacting. If you do not have a full portfolio, please send us some examples of environments you made.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!

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