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Troubles with making a candle. (Light and Particles)

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Kligan polycounter lvl 6
I've run across couple of problems while making a candle blueprint.

  • Problem number 1 - Shadows.
If I leave "cast shadow" on the candle mesh, then obviously the result is not looking good, as you can see:

Well, the first solution that comes to mind is to disable "cast shadow" on the candle mesh.
Looks good in the blueprint preview:

However, in the level, it's a completely different story. It does not receive shadows from walls and other static objects any more:

It looks correctly only if I slap something in front of it, like a cube for example, with dynamic shadow to block the directional light source:

How could I fix this? Is there a different way? Can I somehow make it in the blueprint that a specific mesh won't cast shadow from a specific light source? I.e. candle/candlestick don't cast shadow from a point light that is in the blueprint with them?

  • Problem number 2 - Particle System.
I've made a particle system for the flame. It's fairly simple:

Works like a charm by itself. However, here's what happens when I'm trying to move the actor:
Why does the particle emitter disappears whenever I move the actor? 


  • Kligan
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    Kligan polycounter lvl 6
    Ok so the first problem - "Self Shadow Only" instead of disabling "Cast Shadow". The only issues is, it can't be set in blueprint, apparently. So instead I have to switch between 2 meshes - one with self shadows only toggled on, and the other - off.

    The second problem - apparently, that's just in-editor thing. If I run a simulation (play), then everything is fine, and the particle system does not disappear. 
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