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I'm having a slight problem with a bit of anatomy, and was wondering if someone could help...? For a project I'm doing, I'm attempting to make the Hell Knight from Doom. Specifically from 2016 or Eternal. I've done some research, and figured a few things out, but I'm still a bit unsure. The lower legs of the Hell Knight are quite similar to a Minotaur, or some kind of Unguligrade animal. I managed to find a 3D model of the Hell Knight too, and taken a closer look at it in 3ds Max. It looks to me that these bones are the Metatarsals...? Can someone confirm? To me, it looks as though there are 5...? One for each toe...?

Also, I'm not quite sure what these three bones are at the back...

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks.


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