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How can I model complex electrical props and assemble them together while not knowing their form?

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I'm currently working on a real-time 3D environment, but recently I've been creatively frustrated by my lack of understanding in certain elements. My scene includes many electrical boxes/cables densely tangled about, and I've attempted to model/deconstruct these things, but I'm still stuck. I really don't want to just model some generic electrical nonsense, of which is completely absurd in design, just to fill some space.

Here are some example images:

How do I tell a convincing story in an environment if I don't even know how these pieces actually work together? How can I research their form if reference is scarce? 


  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter
    Look up some wiring diagrams  I guess.  It's definitely what I'd do. 

    I'm no electrician but what little I do know tells me that you can sort of think about it like water. It comes in one end runs through a bunch of filters and goes out the other.  
    Make sure there's a flow across the circuits and it should look fairly plausible
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    ZacD ngon master
    Start with the most obvious and clear cables, make sure those make sense, and then you can be more creative with the messy dangling ones. A lot of the repeating elements use the same/similar cable management, so you can do one, duplicate it over, and then add a tiny bit of randomization. 

    It doesn't need to be 100% accurate, it just needs to suggest there was intention behind the layout. And that some of the more messy cables were repairs added later. 
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