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[PAID] Lead Programmer, UE5 C++ Unique Multiplayer Horror with established team

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The Game

Outback (working title) is poised to be a highly replayable, VR supported, 1-4 player cooperative horror survival title set in a unique location. It will bring the immersive and truly terrifying experience of a high fidelity single player horror game to a multiplayer audience.

Our Progress and team

Our team is comprised of people from across the globe working in unison towards one clearly defined vision. Everyone involved has been selected based on the high quality of their work, proactive attitudes, and friendly personalities. We're a team that is truly passionate about this project and we're really excited to bring it to life.

We've already completed a lot of our concept art, our lead environmental artist has completed modelling the geography and texturing of the map. Our Lead 3D creature artist has begun work on our first antagonist as well as our playable characters ready for our lead animator to begin. Our talented UI/UX designer and graphic designer are working together to build out all the menu systems. Our very accomplished spatial audio engineer has started recording and designing our soundscape, and our advertising creative team is building out our marketing and crowdfunding campaigns. 

The Role - Lead Programmer

This is an opportunity to be a core member of an already well-established and very talented team. We're looking for a proactive all-rounder who's keen to get their hands dirty in all aspects of programming. We need someone who can take charge and take on the responsibility of a lead programmer, managing and building the technical side of the game whilst advising and liaising technical aspects to the team. As the team grows you would assist us in leading and working with additional programmers in their specialised fields.

What we'd like to see:

- An interest in the horror genre
- Strong working knowledge of C++ in Unreal Engine.
- Proficient coding etiquette, clearly commented and legible code.
- Strong verbal and written communication skills (English).
- Remote working, team collaboration skills - Agile workflows.
- Ability to manage technical aspects of the project.
- Ability to Advise and liaise technical aspects of the project to the team.
- Great organisational and time management skills.

Core mechanics/understandings:

Ideally, you would have a strong understanding/willingness to learn within these areas:

- UE5 C++ and blueprints
- Multiplayer networking - Epic Online Services
- Programming of advanced AI and pathing utilising procedural animation.
- PC / VR support
- UI and Sound integration.
- Maintaining code, resolving issues, and performing bug fixes.

Weforge Studio - who are we?

We're an indie studio based in Sydney, Australia, currently building our debut project. A horror survival game in Unreal 5 for PC with VR support, we are a select group of talented individuals from across the globe who aim to create top-notch interactive gaming experiences.

Contact us 

If you feel like you’d be a good fit and would like to be involved, please send us an email including a description of your previous experience and/or your portfolio to hello@weforgestudio.com

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