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[PART TIME][REMOTE] CRS is seeking concept artists for 2D illustrations to be used for marketing.

At Cornered Rat Software (CRS)  we work specialise in ultra realistic and authentic WWII Online  MMOFPS experiences with our games World War II Onlineand World War II Online : Chokepoint. The press pitch explains what these experiences are like to play. 

At present we are recruiting for concept artists to work with us on a part time basis for World War II Online for approximately 10 hours per week. We're looking for concept artists skilled in 3D Illustration the would be up for a challenge and ideally has experience working on WWII motifs. As a popular MMOFPS we provide a platform to get your art recognised by thousands of our current and future members. In return we get to illustrate or project the potential of our game to new subscribers and use it to generate higher revenues that we can reinvest into our art and code pipelines. Things like wallpapers featuring concept art might be something we would like to pursue.

If you are interested and can provide a portfolio of previous work, the way to reach us is through linked in or via email at pvtpetey@corneredrats.com. We also accept closed bids on your hourly rate or commission rate for any work done. 

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