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[WIP] Bushmaster ACR

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ManojR polycounter lvl 3
Hi all, starting my weapon Bushmaster ACR today. 


I am going for a very detailed model including attachments for this one so i have collected a ton of references.

 I have no particular timeline but aiming to use every bit of spare time i find after horrendous work hours to finish this as i am fishing for a better job.


- start with Block-out of initial rifle and add a few major details in low poly
- use Live Boolean in Zbrush to give furthur details in the Highpoly
- tweak the Lowpoly and proceed to UV based on how many texture pages im going to need, il try to keep in as minimal as possible
- Baking and Texturing will be done in Substance Painter. Try to add a few Camo paints.
- Render some shots in Iray and rest in Marmoset with nice lighting.
- Render a clip with the parts of the gun in an exploded view.
  i will be updating my WIP periodically. so if any of you have any tips/advice for me, please feel free to let me know. 

 P.S. here is my Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/manoj_r
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