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Need help understanding what these maps are and how to connect them.

The Dag Node
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The Dag Node polycounter lvl 12
Hi everybody. So my questions are kind of all over the place.
I've been trying to read and watch videos, but I find it hard to find exactly something that helps me with explaining the maps that I have.
So I found a model online to start testing PBR with. I can upload it if it doesn't break the rules.

So I have diffuse, glow, normal, specular and a green one. I'm aware the green map is a combination of different textures all only needing one channel. The G-channel holds the ambient occlusion, but the other two I'm not entirely sure about. I would say that the R is metalness and B is roughness, but I could never produce very nice looking results, treating them that way.
As I've come to understand these are the maps of a specular workflow as the specular map has color information in it.  But the diffuse map is not a complete albedo as there are shadows baked in.

I've tried connecting them in Arnold for Maya, but it just doesn't look as I think it should. Is this something I wouldn't use this aiStandardSurface1 shader for, as it's not built for a specular workflow in mind? I've tried inverting the R and/or B-channel and feeding it into the specular roughness, but nothing really makes it look nice. The reflections aren't coming out that nice.

This all leads me to wonder if I would be able to load in my base maps(diffuse, normal), inside Substance Painter and create new textures for the roughness and metalness to convert it to a metalness workflow?


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