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[WIP] Antique WW2 Trumpet

Hello all! I'm currently making a 3D high poly model of an antique trumpet my grandfather passed down to me (he used to play it back during the war). I recently had it fixed, dents removed, and cleaned as much as possible and finally got to see all of the details and colors on this thing. I plan on modeling every piece of this trumpet, and eventually go for a photorealistic render. These first set of images are just day 1 blockouts, and I still have to make the water keys on the front.


  • eskrimador98
    Day 2

    Finished modeling the rest of the pieces, and beveled all the necessary edges to subdivide all meshes. Went into zbrush and dynameshed all the parts that are supposed to welded together (too much work to model it, so I just baked the smoothed edges on those areas) and added some dents here and there. 7 udims and 1 material, and all texture baking is done. So hopefully tomorrow I can get most of (if not all) the texturing done.

  • eskrimador98
    Day 3
    Had a miserable day at the dentist (and will again next Tuesday and in January...) so I was only able to make some basic smart materials in substance painter and blocked out all of the textures. Tomorrow I'll be refining the textures and add some more dents and other height detail within substance.

  • eskrimador98
    Day 4
    Textures still need work, and I only used a simple HDR just to see how the textures would look in Maya (using renderman). Don't plan on working on this anymore today, so tomorrow I'll try and get it all finished and rendered.

  • eskrimador98
    Day 5
    Messing around with some lighting setups and some basic compositing in nuke (never got around to texture working). tomorrow or Sunday I should have the textures done, and since the lighting setup and nuke script is done, I can just refresh the textures and re-render both shots.

  • eskrimador98
    Day 6
    (Dunno why I'm counting these as days when I'm only spending 2-3 hours at most each day).
    Fixed the lighting so there isn't such an exposure explosion all over the place. Well, that's really it, I only fixed the lighting and did some compositing within nuke. But I think I can call it done now!

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