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[PAID] 2d Concept artist

polycounter lvl 9
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Nizar polycounter lvl 9
We need a concept artist for a fantasy and sci-fi miniatures project. The ability to process old cliches into fresh and compelling ideas is a must. A background as a miniature concept artist is very welcome; a knowledge of the major sci-fi and fantasy setting is a must.

This is an example of what I am searching for:

Please send your portfolio with an average fee (not a per hour fee, but a flat fee per project with some examples) and availability to my mail address pfa1800[@]gmail.com, remove brackets.

NO 3D CONCEPT, we need 2d concepts.
DO NOT SEND ME A PM. I barely check this site, so your candidature will be (probably) lost.

If I don't answer, this means I don't like your portfolio or position is already taken; sorry, but I received too many requests last time.

We want to instaurate a long-time collaboration (years) so needs reliable and serious worker.


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