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3D Game Environment artist

hey ,
my name is omar and i'm a self taught 3d game environment artist as almost every one in the industry i've got the passion and the 
love to environment art while playing AAA titles and specially open world games , i was spending hours hanging around in the levels and searching
for teh details in the game and so i decided to get into game environment art ... learned the core basics and advanced techniques and lighting and composition and 
theories behind the storytelling in game environment art etc.
i love making photorealistic levels and props , i love that mix of quality and optimizationin in my work such as high to low poly baking and quality of the details on the surfaces 
and the props while keeping it smooth and well polished .
i'm looking for intern opportunity or a first job as an entry level game environment artist .

artstation portfolio : https://uec6d86bc.artstation.com

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