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Color tweaks/grading in Unreal?

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i wonder  does  really convenient color grading exists for Unreal.    We have something similar  in our engine  and from my experience I can say it's basically non .    So troublesome  to reach any   meaningful result nobody cares to try.   Vs  old style I mean with LUT  stripes  you could bring to Photoshop/Affinity photo  and  edit with convenient instruments  like lab space curves or hue/saturation  tweaks.

So what people do  now for HDR rendering?     isn't should be a way to make and edit  HDR  LUT stripe  or something saved as exr .   Maybe in 2d composer like Nuke ?      Or maybe just in certain "working  space"  for  Photoshop 32bit mode?      What's modern way to approach this?

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