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[WIP] Wolverine

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Zatt polycounter lvl 9
Hey guys
So this will be my first post (I posted like twice in here.... :D) after quiting on art and everything related to it for like a year or so. A lot of shi** situations in my life brought me down a led me to quit. Tbh I've never been consistent in my studies, but I always enjoyed when I would start sculpting and learning new things, but at some point I kinda lost myself and the joy of creating anything or doing anything really even things that had nothing to do with art. 
But, this past couple of weeks I felt the need to sculpt, so I started doing a Wolverine bust, not sure if I will finish it or not, but I've been sculpt a little bit every other day, no pressure, just feeling the thing :D and taking my time. 
Tbh not sure what direction I'm goin with it, but I was thinking like something more organic, inspired by Rafael Grasseti's Batman "Gotham Nightmare ". We'll see how it goes.

Just wanted to open up about this and sorry for the rant :smile:

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