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Archeologist's Cabin [WIP]

I'm working on developing my environment art skills. My current concept is the interior of a cabin suspended in a ravine which an archeologist is borrowing from a wealthy benefactor and using as an outpost for long-term research in the area. The world is technically a far-future scenario, but the civilization is relatively low-tech with some low-fantasy magic thrown in. General vibe I want is something akin to Myst which drives the player to look for clues/lore and which incites a sense of mystery through environmental storytelling.

I've been working on this for a while. I'm new to a lot of the software and to environment art in general and so have bounced around in focus in order to get a feel for all of the "pieces". After switching from Unity to Unreal--because I'm tired of fighting Unity's lighting system--I've taken a step back and I'm trying to block-out the scene more fully so that I can work out some of the composition and lighting so I can better plan my approach before jumping back into asset creation.

Here's what I have so far:

The blanks on the walls are to be maps/notes and I think the rest of the block-out assets read (but let me know if not)

I definitely want to add some more archeologist-specific props so that the room isn't so generic, but beyond that any input would be greatly appreciated! I don't reallly know what I'm doing but I'm trying to learn. If I can I'd like to try and make a trim sheet to texture some of the props (and the actual trim for the room) so any recommendations there would be helpful as well.

My goal is to both create a decent piece of art for a portfolio and to get some practice building an environment which can perform decently within the engine.

I modeled everything in Blender, created the window frame texture in Substance Designer and textured the textured assets in Substance Painter. Lighting and rendering in Unreal Engine 4

I appreciate any critique or ideas you may have! Thanks!
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