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At Tuatara, we are super happy to announce the release of TFlow !

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TFlow is a motion vector generator that helps increase the utility and quality of your flipbooks. With provided examples it adapts to many rendering pipelines.
Supplementing SubUV textures with motion vectors to achieve smooth blending is nothing new but up until now this has been a laborious process that required a lot of iteration and guesswork to get decent results.

TFlow provides a true one-click solution that takes all the guesswork out of the equation and produces amazing results every time, leaving you to focus on your creative work.

But as a baking tool, you can generate motion vector textures and use them in any other engine. We also provide shader examples so you can support motion vectors in the engine of your choice.

Here’s what you can find in the Unity package :
  • Optical Flow and Motion Blur baker
  • GPU based solver, very fast bake times
  • Realtime preview with a split view functionality
  • Automatically determines optimal baking parameters
  • Can bake parameter data directly into textures
  • URP, HDRP support with examples
  • Shader Graph, Amplify, Legacy support with examples
  • Particle system and VFX graph support with examples
  • Linear Color Space (Targa, PNG, OpenEXR)
  • Gamma Color Space (Targa, PNG)
Here what you can find in the Unreal Engine package :
  • A Editor tool to bake motion vectors and create blending materials
  • Material functions to get smooth blending using Optical Flow
  • Examples for Cascade, Niagara and simple Materials
With this thread we want to gather users feedback and continue improving and extending the tool !


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