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[Paid] 3d Miniature sculptor

polycounter lvl 7
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Nizar polycounter lvl 7
We need someone capable of starting and finishing a job; industry experience is welcome, but even if you haven't worked for anyone yet, as long as you have valid models in your portfolio, you can contact us. However, you must have experience with miniatures and 3d printing (anatomical knowledge applied to small scale subjects and problems related to 3d printing).

Send an average fee for your work with a model example (images) reflecting the fee (please, not per hour but project).

If you have all the requirements expressed above, please send your portfolio with an average fee and availability to pfa1800[@]gmail.com, remove brackets.

DO NOT SEND PM; I barely check this site, so your candidature will be (probably) lost.

We want to instaurate a long-time collaboration (years) so needs reliable and serious worker.

If we do not answer in a week, we are not interested, or we have just found the right collaborators; sorry, but we cannot answer to all due to lack of time, so please forgive us.


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