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[WIP] Wishing Well of Death [Marmoset] [Unreal5]

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dropyhop polycounter lvl 9
Henlo Polycount,

I had done this asset for an art test a long time ago and now wanted to further flesh it out.
Plan to render it in Marmoset, UE5 (HDRI), UE5 (MedievalEnv-Quxiel) with some back story clips.

I have some plans for a back story - Something around wishing well of death. That appears in a village affected by a severe calamity may be famine or drought. And that it's an outcome of people's dire wishes. And in order for people to survive the well needs some ritual/sacrifice.

Old WIPs -

Current WIPs Unreal 5 (HDRI) -

Unreal 5 (MedievalEnv-Quxiel) -

(gonna use this for prop storytelling)


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