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(FEEDBACK) on a 3D Environment Artist Portfolio

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anas node
Hi folks,i'm looking for feedback and thoughts about my portfolio
Role desired:  junior 3d environment artist.


i'm aksking if i'm on the right track for the AAA quality  so i can apply to jobs or i missed it .facing the imposter syndrome everyday.

things under revision on the two pieces
war hospital:
-recreate soldiers textures on substance painter
-recreate  texture for the bed on subs painter
-adding gravel on the ground as well as dirt
-adding dirt and bullets impact on the walls
-making  a new door 
-improving lighting 
-adding micro shadows to the bullets on the ground
-adding 4k images 

south vibes
-break sharp edges that are every where
-adding dirt to the houses and ground .


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis grand marshal polycounter
    Did you make all the vehicles for your first enviro? The police car is pretty neat. There are lots that could be improved with that environment. There is a ton of repetition in it, assets could be rotated or scaled so everything doesn't look like duplicates of itself. I also think you should spend more time making particular assets look good, instead of a whole scene. Your buildings, if singled out, look very plain and uninteresting. There doesn't seem to be any focal interest in the scene, so I'm not sure where to look exactly. This project has 35 images attached, which no recruiter is going to spend time looking at each one of these images. You should cut down massively on the amount of images per project. Your materials are ok, but can be improved a lot.

    An issue with your environments so far, everything is so boxy and flat. I'd like to see verticallity in your environments, focal points, and more complex/interesting assets.

    You've got a bit to improve on, keep going! You can apply for jobs though, good luck!
  • anas
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    anas node
    thanks for your critiques.I appreciate that.I modeled the police car only.other cars from the assets store.Yes there is a lot to be improved 
    and i will take your critiques under consideration.Thanks again.
  • kanga
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    kanga quad damage
    Google: 'great cityscape game environments'. Also google: 'art and design principles for computer game level development' and just select the image results to see what your work is missing. Looks like you have 1 point perspective in the 2 shots. The composition is very flat and uninteresting. There is no focus and the general feeling is very computer generated. It's not hard to amaze yourself with what you have achieved, but it's another story to impress people who are in the business.
  • radet5
    Building off of what everyone has said above, I think even if you improved all of the assets in these projects they would still lack interest. The player would have no idea where to go or what they're supposed to be doing. You can use lighting and composition to draw focus and then put something meaningful there. The city feels like no one lives in it and the war hospital feels more like an art installation than a game environment. And even though there's dead bodies around in the hospital, there is nothing to connect an emotional relationship or narrative to them so they feel more like manikins than bodies. Don't get me wrong I do think these are cool but they're missing the impact they could be making.

    I love the palette of the daytime shots of South Vibes and I think the most interesting shot from your whole portfolio is the one of the graffiti because it feels like something actually happened there. If you could take the spirit of that shot and apply it to a more complex (but still limited in scale) scene where it feels like something happened and there's something to uncover or something to propel the player onward then you would be making great strides in my opinion.

    disclaimer-- I'm not a professional, just a long time artist who has become obsessed with game environment art over the past few years
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