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What is the workflow and the most common effects to work with when going from 3d to compo soft

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bybyle polycounter lvl 4
Hello guys,

I am currently working on some short films made with Maya/Arnold et Fusion/After Effects.

It's been like a year, and I'm legit wondering just now : what are my options in term of effects, tool, etc when I put my EXR files with all the passes in Fusion or AE? 

All I know about is the color correction, depth of field, AO, things like that. But what are the best things to make my shots looking way better!

For now, I dont really have a before/after satisfaction with my shots. All I do with AE or Fusion is merge all the frams together and add a sky, this because I don't know what can I do to make it look better (for now its kind of cartoon)

Any thoughts?

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