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Stylized City - Unreal Engine

Hi, guys!
I'm starting a new project and I decided to start a new thread in here to keep track of my progress.
The basic idea is to make a stylized city asset pack that would make it easy to make variations of buildings and have lots of variations of windows, doors, stairs. Also, spline meshes and modular pieces for streets and other models to populate the scene.

I've been working on this project for a couple of days now and I already got some things working. I decided to use spline meshes for the basic shape of the buildings. In this way, I'll be able to customize and make new variations of the buildings easily in Unreal. I made a very simple spline set up and it was looking like this at first:

I went to Substance Designer and made a wall material, a version with and other without bricks, and used these materials with some vertex painting shader so I could paint where there will be bricks and where won't.

I've made a tri-planar projection shader so each building will have a unique texture and I won't need to worry about making tileable uvs.

I already have the basics ready. Using spline meshes I can have different building shapes in minutes. I'm still going to make some adjustments to the spline blueprint so I can have an option of having some meshes placed automatically, But it's actually not the main goal. I want to add just the meshes that need deformation so I can have these shape variations easily but the rest I think should be placed manually so I can add more personality to each building.

If anybody has any feedback or suggestions along the way I will love to hear! Also if there's anything you would want me to explain more thoroughly feel free to ask me.


  • willianfreitas
    I had some nice progress these past days. I improved the spline blueprint so it works for the sidewalks and streets placing the curbs automatically. I probably gonna use this logic with some tweaks to have the option to place things in the corners of the buildings too.

    I've made some props just so I could populate a little bit more the scene. But for now, I'm not gonna focus on making props. I'll try having all the structures that I want ready and then I'll start making trees, bins, lamps and etc

    Here's a video I recorded making a building in minutes:

    In case you wanna watch it in higher quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-3UzDied7Q
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