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3dXChange to iclone7 Merge prop issue and blendshape messed up

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Lorenzo444 polycounter lvl 3
Hi i having some issue with 3DxChange and iclone , i don't know why , when i apply the character to iclone in 3dxchange, all the accessories and prop are merged with the body in only one mesh. My Character is from Character creator and i brought it in maya to modify some stuff and brought back to iclone with the help of 3Dxchange. I want my character in iclone7 with all prop in the list scene seperated. The other problem is that when i bring back my fbx file  of my rigged character ( that is from CC) in 3DXChange all the blendshape are messed up after i convert the character in non standard(talking character) , in particulary the blendshape doesn't corrispond with the actual animation of the face. For example when i click the morph blink eyes, my character rise his eyebrows. Can someone that knows this programs help me please? Thank you.

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