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DNABLOCK is located in the United States but our employees work remotely from different parts of the world. The studio is the hub to an engaged team of international professionals. Their mission is to create the best 3d avatar tools for images,  streaming, YouTube, cinematic and video clip creation with our Replikant app. We are focused on combining the best of AAA game graphics, design and accessibility. We are passionate about collaboration and iteration to create 3d tools that will surprise and delight our users. We emphasize a positive work-life balance to allow our team to develop their best work. Join us!

Your Mission 

  • Implement, debug, and optimize major systems in Unreal Blueprint, C/C++, and other languages in the context of a large cross platform codebase 

  • Spearhead development of innovative gameplay experiences 

  • Contribute and keep the structural integrity of Unreal code architecture and technical designs 

  • Producing specifications and determining operational feasibility 

  • Implement UE plugins, features and applications 

  • Perform data and code analysis to identify improvement opportunities 

  • Provide mentorship to less experienced engineers 


Job Profile 

  • 3 years of industry experience in a game engineering or similar position 

  • Proven coding experience as a UE engineer with minimum 3 years of professional Unreal experience  

  • Proficiency in C/C++ and Unreal Blueprint. 

  • Proficiency in scripting language such Python, LUA or similar 

  • Advanced optimization skills - code and data 

  • Advanced debugging skills - comfortable debugging optimized builds in multithreaded and cross platform (networking) context. 

  • Solid math skills – especially linear algebra and 3D vector math 

  • Game knowledge and an understanding of the design principles behind 3d real time apps and games 

  • Able to collaborate with other engineers as well as non-technical team members 

Other Skills

  • Ability to work well in a fluid, changing environment as creative challenges evolve 

  • Sense of autonomy, responsibility, and attention to detail. 

  • English written and spoken 

  • Demonstrated ability to manage production time and meet deadlines. 

  • Good ability to communicate effectively and professionally. 

  • Positive attitude and ability to give and receive constructive feedback. 


Extra Points

  • Advanced programming specialty, such as low level network programming, High Level Shader Language (HLSL), SSE assembly, etc 

  • Expertise and passion in one or more of the following areas: AI, User Interfaces, Animation, General Game-play, rigging etc 

  • Previously shipped AAA titles 

DNABLOCK,  is searching for a passionate Unreal programmer with game experience and  broad knowledge of Unreal and C++. If this sounds like a good fit for your next career opportunity, please apply directly to the role by submitting your application and CV to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!


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