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Feedback - environment Unreal Engine - Moroccan room (also career check...)

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massimoF node
I've been working on this one for a month now and I'd like to get some feedback on my scene in Unreal Engine.
I'm not going to get offended, please help me get better! :D
I wanna have a killer portfolio by next year and I'm willing to do the work.
regarding path I'm still not sure.
At the moment I'm chasing environments for games ( can i use my scenes for arch viz as well?!? ) but by doing environments I'm getting very passionate about making materials in substance designer.
Can I make a career as Material Artist, get some outsourced work as Material Artist?

I'm digressing..... here's my shots! :D



  • Phoenix995
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    Phoenix995 interpolator
    Looks really great!
  • massimoF
  • massimoF
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    massimoF node
    Looks really great!

    thanks man!
  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    Love the colours and vibe going on here! The designs you got going on are cool.

    - Wood materials need to be worked on. They look more like plastic, some of them have grain which just looks like stripes, grain is going the wrong direction on some pieces. Something like the large picture frame, that should have horizontal grain on the top and bottom plank, but its all going in one direction. The grain on the side table beside the cushions should be flowing length wise.
    - Bump up the normal intensity for the tiles.
    - You could thicken the picture frames and that would help them cast more of a shadow on the wall.
    - I think the light beams on the wall need to be sharper.
    - Your FOV is quite out of wack. The back wall looks blurry.
    - Teapot desperately needs AO, or some kind of design or something.
    - Having trouble telling if your walls are meant to be tiles or wall paper. If tiles, I'd suggest making the tiles more noticeable. If wallpaper, I don't understand why there is a crack in the corners where the sink sticks out.
    - You could get rid of the table on the far left against the back wall, it's kinda clogging up the scene.
  • massimoF
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    massimoF node
    ohhhh thanks so much!
    that's a nice good list.. i'll start working on it tomorrow! thanks again :D
  • shabba
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    shabba polycounter lvl 13
    @massimoF - Good job so far, a promising theme! I went a bit overboard, but only to show you the potential variety of elements you could or could not introduce! There is tons of cool things you can do with this scene to really add some sweet polish. Keep going!

    - trying to use your different planes of objects to help compose a better image
    - breaking up that pattern where possible to give some intentional rest
    - adding some layers of environment storytelling to make the space actually come to life, and feel lived in, giving hte space function, and theme
    - you can still use pattern/shapes in a variety of subtle shapes
    - be careful with introducing too many different elements, sometimes (like the end tables for example) just having a single one can add more to the scene than have multiple different ones. Watch the shapes and consistency of shapes as you introduce new elements.

  • massimoF
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    massimoF node
    Hi Shabba,
    Thanks so much for your feedback!

    I started the project from a real reference so I just tried to replicate what was there, but after seeing all the work you putted into it i love the details you came up with.

    I love those alcoves that have been added in background!

    when i thought about morocco i went for teapots but the shisha definitely adds something to the scene.

    I'll add everything in your shot, thanks so much for taking the time. i appreciate it and again i can tell you really spent lots of time updating the scene.

    I'll get to work then! :D

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